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Phew! False alarm

WEAG committee members were called to investigate the sound of tree felling today, with news that huge trees were being felled on or near the proposed Taylor Wimpey development site to the North of Beldam Bridge Road.  On investigation, it appears that it was a mighty Oak tree being pollarded in the back garden of a neighbouring property.

Part way through – the Oak tree, still with most of its branches, is in the background, with the tree surgeon working in the centre of the photo.  (Click to expand)

Part way through

Nearing completion:

Nearly done

The final cuts:

The final cuts

WEAG Meeting to discuss current planning applications on green fields

The WEAG have set up a meeting for all members, to discuss the implications of the three planning applications which have currently been submitted to Surrey Heath Borough Council, involving the premature release of the Countryside Beyond the Green Belt, housing reserve land to the East and South of the village.

The WEAG committee will advise what it, its advisors and volunteers are doing and what members and indeed all villagers need to do if they wish to object to one or more of the applications.

The meeting will be held in the Sports Pavilion in Benner Lane, starting at 7:30pm on Tuesday, 29th July 2014.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Newsflash! Planning application ref. 14/0532 released for comment

William Lacey’s planning application for 84 houses on land to the south of Kings Road has been released for public comment today, under reference 14/0532.

See the application and documents at the following location:^SYSTEMKEY^=’32695’&backurl=%3Fpageno%3D1%26pagerecs%3D10%26maxrecords%3D100%26template%3DDevelopmentControlResults.tmplt%26requestType%3DparseTemplate%26usesearch%3Dtrue%26order%3DREGDATE%253ADESCENDING%26q%253ALIKE%3Dwest%2Bend%26defaultvalue-clone-845e%3DReference%2Bnumber%252C%2BAddress%2Bor%2BPostcode%26backurl%3D%253F

The WEAG committee will prepare a new page on the website to set out all the reasons for objection that it and its advisors can find in the document.  It is important that, if you have cause for objection, you either write to the council, or complete the online comment form on the SHBC website.

NEWSFLASH – Taylor Wimpey Outline application is released for comment


Planning application reference number is 14/0594 – LAND NORTH OF, BELDAM BRIDGE ROAD, WEST END, WOKING, GU24 9LP

See the documents at:^SYSTEMKEY^=’32764’&backurl=%3Fpageno%3D1%26pagerecs%3D10%26maxrecords%3D100%26template%3DDevelopmentControlResults.tmplt%26requestType%3DparseTemplate%26usesearch%3Dtrue%26order%3DREGDATE%253AASCENDING%26REGDATE%253AFROM%253ADATE%3D09%2F07%2F2014%26REGDATE%253ATO%253ADATE%3D16%2F07%2F2014%26backurl%3D%253F



Help required, please, for traffic survey and leaflet distribution

Just a quick reminder that the WEAG committee are still seeking your HELP with the following, please:

For the traffic survey in Beldam Bridge Road, thank you to those that have already volunteered.  We have now selected the two days, which are Wednesday, 16th and Monday 21st July 2014.  We have a reasonable amount of cover for Monday, 21st July, but could still do with another volunteer or two to take shifts for the middle part of the day, please.  For Wednesday, 16th, we still have spaces for further volunteers from 6am round until about 3pm.  We will confirm your time(s) and issue guidelines to all the volunteers on Monday evening, 14th July.

For leaflet distribution, we have had a very good response from volunteers, thank you to those that have volunteered so far, but we would still benefit from some additional offers of help, please, in case the big planning applications go live while there are a lot of people on holiday.

If you can offer assistance with either of these tasks, please can you e-mail us by midnight on Sunday, 13th July, to advise which task(s) you can help with, and when you can be available.

Newsflash – Taylor Wimpey outline planning application submitted

Surrey Heath Borough Council have confirmed that they have received a planning application from Taylor Wimpey for Land to the North of Beldam Bridge Road last Friday.

Since they have not yet checked the application, they cannot release any more information at this stage.  The WEAG committee will continue to monitor the progress of this application and advise progress or additional details as soon as information is received.

The Taylor Wimpey website advises that this is an outline application, with detail to follow after approval in principle.