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SHBC inundated with Objections

I have spoken with SHBC this morning, to ask why the number of neighbours comments shown against Planning Application numbers 14/0532 and 14/0594 have not increased in days, despite mine and other people’s comments having been submitted.

I am told that Duncan Carty is out of the office this week, and that any comments received which contains any wording in addition to the tick to say whether the application is supported or opposed, needs to be reviewed by Duncan, as case officer, before it can be included in the count.  Duncan is back in the office from Monday, 18th August, so will start working his way through the huge number of documents then.  It is likely to be around 19th/20th before these start getting uploaded in bulk and included in the count on the SHBC planning website.

I was also advised that anyone who has been on holiday or otherwise did not manage to submit on time can still submit their comments after today, but SHBC prefer that comments are received sooner rather than later, to allow them to be processed in good time, prior to the Planning Committee meeting to decide the applications.

Diane Doney
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