1 – Your views on development

Some of the green fields and woodland on the East and South sides of West End are currently under threat from large housing developments.

What type of development (if any) do you think is needed in West End?

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6 thoughts on “1 – Your views on development

  1. First a hearty thanks to the team for representing the residents of west end in what are often complex planning matters. My perception is that a winning strategy for the benefit of residents is to attempt to extract as much collateral benefit from developers as possible in exchange for permission to develop land in the parish. For example if developer wants to build 85 homes then yes ok you can but these are the conditions, for example a new surgery building or some other amenity benefit. I fear that eventually west end will go the way of lightwater with every scrap of land built on. So why not accept this as inevitable and task our elected representatives to negotiate the best deal for local residents from the developers rather than suffer perpetual honourable but futile defeat at the planning committee meetings?

  2. I have seen a planning application for 95 new homes on the fields around Malthouse Farm, Benner Lane on SHBC’s website. Will the WEAG be organising a petition against this development for signature, like it did for the Kings Road and Beldam Bridge Road applications? Thanks. Diane.

  3. Hi WEAG, I see that there is a new planning application submitted for 24 & 26 Benner Lane, reference 15/0375, for erection of three detached dwellings following demolition of No. 24 and all outbuildings associated with motor vehicle repair and service works to include retention of No. 26 on reduced curtilage and associated parking, access, landscaping and ancillary works.

    Looking at the maps, I see that the application site is half in countryside beyond the green belt / housing reserve land and half in the settlement area, but where they want to build is also previously developed land, so does that make a difference? Is there any guidance you can offer on whether or not any support or approval of this particular application will set a precedent for building on the housing reserve land? Thanks. Diane

  4. i wonder how has the new estate there by the old Fox pub been received, has it satiated any of the areas housing needs, has it ‘sold out’ already, has it increased traffic by a disturbing amount. have any other factors been noticed around the area ….

    1. Dear Steve, I have requested a response from Bisley Parish Council, who will hopefully have access to that sort of information from official sources and their resident’s comments.

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