Traffic Issues – A322

The A322 is already used as a main cut through between the M3 and A3, particularly when the M25 is at a standstill.

Information is currently being collected and collated from a variety of sources, which will provide summary details of the likely traffic impact of recent and anticipated developments within close proximity of the A322 that are likely to have an effect on the amount of traffic flowing (or not!) through West End.

2 thoughts on “Traffic Issues – A322

  1. When I came to live in West End in 1991, discussion about a By-Pass between the Lightwater & Guildford was rife & I believe, following various enquiries, a date was set for probable commencement. Unfortunately this was quashed by the Labour Government in 1997, when they introduced a no more By Pass policy. Further building & additional traffic lights in the villages along the A322 since then have made this road a “nightmare” to drive on & I agree entirely with the above comments.

  2. With the current volume of traffic on the A322, even a small blockage on the road can cause immense queues. The other morning I witnessed a set of temporary traffic lights in Bisley by a hole in the road creating solid traffic queuing from north of West End to Knaphill (or maybe even further south). Can you imagine what the congestion will be like if the 700 or so houses proposed for West End, Bisley and Brookwood Farm all go ahead, generating another 1400 approx local cars? Not to mention the Deepcut and DERA/Chobham Common new small towns.

    There has been some discussion of WEAG conducting its own traffic survey in West End. I think it should be pursued with some urgency.

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