Land South of Beldam Bridge Road (planning application in progress) Ref: 14/0451

Update 7th Sept:

This planning application is on hold due to outstanding information and the BC’s stance on Planning Policy.

Updated 12th June 2015: 33 Letters of objection

Extension of Time agreed for determination by 1st May 2015 – Expired as not included in Planning Applications Committee (PAC) meeting on 30th April, nor the PAC meeting on 27th May. New proposed date T.B.A.
Update 14th October 2014:

Planning Application  14/0451 with SHBC.  Details can be found here

As yet no date set for Planning Applications Committee.

Update 23rd September 2014

There is still no date set by SHBC for the hearing of this and the other two planning applications proposing to prematurely use the “reserve” land, as there is currently further information required and issues that need to be clarified or addressed first.  It is unlikely that this will be resolved in time for the October 22nd meeting, so November or possibly even December are currently suggested as being more likely.  Remember that until the date of the Committee meeting, residents can still lodge their comments on this application with SHBC, for consideration as part of the process.

Update 19th August 2014

This application by Redrow is still yet to be heard, discussed and decided by the SHBC Planning Committee.  It does not appear to be included in the Agenda for the meeting to be held on 26th August, therefore it looks likely it will be heard at the same meeting as the two large applications by Taylor Wimpey and William Lacey.

Note that although the Public consultation period has expired, the Council have said that as this application is being put before the Committee, public comments can still be submitted right up to the date of the Planning Committee meeting, so further comments can still be submitted, using the following link:

There are currently 28 objections lodged with SHBC for this application.

Update 28th July 2014:

There is still no firm date set for the SHBC Planning Committee meeting for deciding this application.  It does not appear on the agenda for the meeting on 30th July, the next possible date is 26th August.
Photograph of one of the deer in the horse field (click to expand).
Deer in field DSCF1028
Update 7th July 2014:
SHBC advise that this application will be decided by their Planning Committee.  The date for the Committee hearing (in public) is to be confirmed.
Update 4th July 2014:
There has been some activity in the horse field over the last few days, firstly with a tripod drill rig taking core samples, and then the following day, a couple of trenches were dug.  When asked, the workmen said that they were taking soil samples.
IMAG3061 IMAG3060
Earlier information:
Planning Application no. 14/0451 has been received by Surrey Heath Borough Council and can be viewed by entering the application number at the following location:
The application is for erection of 2 no. five bedroom and 1 no. four bedroom two storey detached dwellings with detached double garages and accommodation in the roof with landscaping and access.
The plans are now available on the council’s planning website, or you can ask to view them at the Council Offices.  Public comments (support or objections) can be sent or delivered to be received or uploaded via the website by Wednesday, 18th June 2014.
The land in question is the horse field that is opposite the proposed entrance for Taylor Wimpey’s estate of 85 dwellings that is currently under consultation.
Items which we have identified as currently requiring our investigation on the newly available plans and documents are:
  • the proposed protection of the ancient oaks and other trees on the roadside boundary during construction (note that some of these, including the two ancient Oaks T36 and T37 are shown as requiring to be felled, although it is noted that this is subject to further expert advice, and a significant number of the trees on site are to be retained),
  • whether the site is fully within the Countryside Beyond the Green Belt (Housing Reserve area) or whether it extends into the Green Belt, (it appears to be within the housing reserve area only)
  • the proposed height of the development in relation to the surrounding properties (2.5 storeys, whereas the neighbouring properties are all 1, 1.5 or 2 storeys) (This has been deleted, as it is noted from the planning documents that the accommodation in the roofspace currently refers only to the garages.)
  • the proposed access route (just over half way along the road side boundary of the plot, meaning that a number of mature trees are shown as requiring to be felled to create better visibility),
  • flood risk (where will the entrance be, and how will it be protected, since the road itself is shown as at severe risk of flooding from surface water) (flooding does not seem to have been considered in the design?),
  • the proposed size of the properties (most residents surveyed in 2009, when faced with no choice over having some form of development in the village, said they supported small scale developments of smaller houses)

The wording in italics above has been added following review of the planning application documents.