Surrey County Council have a petitions area on their website, where residents can submit or sign e-petitions.  The following  petitions may be of interest:

Currently none.  Previous petition  closed on 11th September 2014 with 437 signatures.

Surrey Heath Borough Council also have a similar site.  The WEAG had created the following petition regarding premature use of Housing Reserve land:  (NOTE: Petition deleted by Surrey Heath Borough Council on 18th July 2014).

The government also has a website where people can sign e-petitions on various topics.

We have located the following e-petitions which are applicable to the issues surrounding development on green field sites, loopholes in Government Planning legislation, and the issue of “buy to let” companies snapping up all the new properties to make large profits, which you may wish to sign:

Re use of brownfield sites not green (closed 3rd July with just 80 signatures) (OPEN – due to close on 30th March 2015) (OPEN – due to close on 10th January 2015)

Request to disband the planning inspectorate and return control to local authorities: (OPEN – due to close on 30th March 2015)

Amend the NPPF (OPEN – due to close on 27th January 2015)

Give material consideration to pending Local and Neighbourhood Plans when deciding planning applications  (closed on 10th September 2014 with 256 signatures)

Request to review Buy to Let issues: (OPEN – due to close on 1st October 2014)

Bring unused existing buildings back into use instead of building new ones: (OPEN – due to close on 17th October 2014) (closed on 28th August 2014 with just 5 signatures)

The e-petitions site has a search facility, to enable you to find petitions on various topics, or you can, of course, start your own, which is something that is currently being considered by the WEAG.

The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England has a Charter which they are seeking people to sign up to:

5 thoughts on “Petitions

  1. Good evening, Mark.
    I understand what you are saying and I appreciate the amount of work that you guys have done/doing. But if SHBC are “stalling”(strong word and, sorry, I can only think that is what they are doing) in adopting a VDS statement from us then how can we expect them and the developers to consider / respect local identity.

    1. Well here we are, 3 more months down the line already! Has there been any further progress with the approval of the VDS, please? I checked the WEVS website, but the latest news I could see on the issue was from over a year ago. It’s also not yet appeared in the list of adopted planning documents on the Surrey Heath Borough Council’s website.

      Are we any closer to getting this document adopted by SHBC?

      Do we have a likely date for its adoption, or are we still being fobbed off with excuses about changes in SHBC review staff, with each new reviewer having a different opinion as to what is required in the document, resulting in endless re-work and no final result?

      I know I could e-mail or call Judy or Marc for an update, but that would only result in me being advised. This way will hopefully keep everyone informed.

      Thanks WEAG, Diane.

      1. Judy Douch, VDS Chair has requested that I respond to you on her behalf as follows:

        Thank you for your enquiry and we are pleased to confirm that the West End VDS is in hand and being submitted to the Surrey Heath Borough Council Executive Programme.


  2. Some five years ago West End householders were asked to complete a document in order to compose a Village Design Statement for submission to the Local Authority. This giving the views of the villagers on how they see and would wish see the future development of their village.

    From a conversation at the meeting on 29th July I was absolutely aghast to learn that though much work by the Village Design Committee had been done and a number of submissions to the authority over the years, there appears to be no official document lodged with the authority… because the local authority always seem to be finding fault with its content.

    What strikes me is that the Village Design Statement submission has been and is still being blocked by the local authority so as to allow proposed building developments and thus not be seen to back-track on the overall submitted views on the local residents.

    Is this not an argument in itself when petitioning against the three proposed developments?

    1. Dear Gail,
      Thank you for your observation/ question. When we started the VDS process we certainly never envisaged that we would still be making amendments more than 5 years after conception. Despite regular consultations with the SHBC Planning dept, the “goal posts” have moved as we have been advised by different planning officers. It has certainly been a frustrating process. Judy Douch as chair of the VDS committee will be better placed to advise as to how close we are to a final submission, but I understand that it should be this year. Once adopted by SHBC the VDS statement will form development guidelines for developers but will NOT in any way prevent development. In summary it is a practical tool to help influence decisions on design and development and will provide a clear statement of the character of a particular village or town against which planning applications may be assessed. It is not about whether development should take place (this is one of the purposes of the borough’s Local Plan), but about how development should be carried out to respect the local identity.

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