About WEAG

You have probably heard quite a lot about developers and potential large scale housing development over the past year or so, as West End falls under the developers’ spotlights yet again.

The currently known proposed large developments are:

  • 84 (was 98) dwellings on land on the south side of Kings Road – William Lacey Group,
  • 85 dwellings on land to the North of Beldam Bridge Road by Taylor Wimpey,
  • 100 dwellings on land at Malthouse Farm
  • Proposed care home at Dyckmore, Streets Heath.

Bearing in mind that West End’s allocation set down by the legally sanctioned Surrey Heath Core Strategy and Development Management Policies 2011 – 2028 is just 20 new dwellings (provided that enough land comes forward in the borough by 2025 to meet the overall required housing allocation for the borough by 2028), a large proportion of the residents of West End are very unhappy about some or all of these proposed developments, and that is why the decision was made to reactivate the West End Action Group, who previously successfully fought off the developers’ plans for 400 new houses in West End.

Together, we can unite again, to keep development levels in West End within the limits considered as necessary and acceptable by the residents of West End.

Much as we like the residents of our neighbouring villages of Bisley, Chobham and Lightwater, there is also a need to maintain adequate undeveloped land between the villages, to enable each to keep a separate identity, before we all become just part of the suburbs of high rise Woking.  This sentiment is fully supported by the final sentence of the Surrey Heath Core Strategy and Development Management Policies Document 2011 – 2028, adopted in February 2012, page 23, CP1: Spatial Strategy, which states: “Development in the Countryside beyond the Green Belt (as shown on the Proposals Map) which results in the coalescence of settlements will not be permitted.”

If you would like to join the WEAG, either to just be kept informed of what’s happening, or to take a more proactive role; helping with correspondence, research, or spreading the word, please contact us, and let us know how you would like to be involved.  The contact details are on the  “Contact Us” page.

WEAG currently has over 130 registered members.

Links to the documents in italics are available on the “Links for further reading” page.

Our data protection policy can be found here:  WEAG Policy on Data Protection Final