Grounds for Objection

Once a planning application has been validated and released for comment by Surrey Heath Borough Council, anyone can comment on the application, either in favour, or by objecting to one or more of the aspects of the proposal.

You can submit your comments regardless of whether you have received a letter from the Council suggesting that you comment or not.  Anyone can submit a comment.  You don’t have to be a homeowner or be within a certain distance of the application site.

It is vitally important that, if you have any reason to object to an application, you take a few minutes to either write to Surrey Heath Borough Council, or complete an online comment form, detailing the application reference number and description of the application, and your reasons for objection.

If you will be affected in any way, this is your opportunity to say so to the council, and it gives you the opportunity to highlight exactly how you will be affected, although you do not have to give a reason.  You can just say that you object, but to say why is better, as your reason may be something the council would not otherwise have considered and may even be the deciding aspect.

Typical valid material considerations CAN include any of the following:

* Anything contrary to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF),  the Local Plan (which includes the Core Strategy and Development Management Policies Development Plan document 2012, refer to & all other relevant planning policy or guidance,

* Impact on infrastructure, community & other services,
* Impact on character, including trees,
* Sustainability,
* Highway safety,
* Flood risk,
* Nature conservation,
* Archaeology,
* Appearance and design,
* Scale and dominance,
* Loss of light/sunlight,
* Privacy,
* Parking provision,
* Noise, dust, fumes, etc. (but not short term, during construction),
* A fall-back position – such as:- a lawful use which could result in a development worse than proposal – an extant planning permission which has a similar or worse effect than the proposed development- Permitted Development which could have the same or worse effect than the proposed development.

* Surrey Heath’s housing allocation for 2015-2020: Surrey Heath Borough Council has published an document about meeting housing targets in the Borough during the period 2015-2020. The National Planning Policy Framework requires councils to have a five-year supply of deliverable housing land, and Surrey Heath’s new document shows that the Borough has in fact an 8.5 year supply of land – without needing to use any of West End’s green fields on which William Lacey, Taylor Wimpey, Redrow and Southern Heritage are proposing to build their 267 houses. This can be referred to in any objection as the current applications are premature and should be dismissed.

The Council’s newreport “5 Year Housing Land Supply 2015-2020” may be downloaded from

Please bear in mind that unfortunately, not all of the reasons for objection that are received are classified by council policy as material considerations, and although your objection will still be recorded as an objection, the Council will not be able to consider those particular reasons when making their decision.

For example;  the following matters are NOT classified as material considerations:

– Loss of view
– Devaluation of property
– Rights of way
– Covenants
– Other private rights
– Short term disturbance during implementation of a planning permission
– Maintenance of property
– Business competition (usually applies to commercial property)

All letters and correspondence received by the Council will be uploaded into the planning application record, so will be publically viewable.  Your signature and telephone number (and e-mail address if supplied) will be blanked out, but all other details, including your name, address and comments will be visible to everyone that views the planning documents.

The WEAG committee and its advisors will be reviewing each planning application released for comment by Surrey Heath Borough Council as quickly and thoroughly as possible and will highlight all the reasons for objection that we can find for each individual planning application lodged.  These will be shown in sub-pages of this section of the website, which will be created each time a substantial planning application is released for public comment and expanded as we work our way through the documents.

We don’t recommend that people copy our list in its entirety, it will be for guidance only, and it is important that you list your own particular reasons for objection, which may include some items that we have not included.

One thought on “Grounds for Objection

  1. Having moved into West End village only 9 months ago I feel very unhappy about the recent planning applications for increased housing. I moved from a busier town to be in a quieter area surrounded by wildlife with lots of open ground with a typical village feel. It has taken me many years to be able to make this move which makes it all the more distressing to hear about these changes. The fact that the village only has a handful of local shops and shares a doctor with Chobham is part and parcel of that.
    Therefore it seems to me as an unsustainable decision to even consider increasing the number of inhabitants by any large numbers as the infrastructure simply could not cope. The area is not built to cater for mass increase of population without a devastating effect on the community as well as forever changing the whole character and appearance of a pretty, and historic village – one I made the move for.
    From looking at the local maps of the area during last winter’s flooding the areas highlighted for building on are at high risk of flooding so I would have thought been of some concern for anyone wanting to arrange building’s insurance down the line or have to cope with the devastation of having their homes ruined in the case of a flood. A situation some people I know have had to deal with this year – and not got over.
    It is already difficult to get a doctor’s appointment due to the split surgeries and would not manage with a huge influx of extra people. This of course also would implact on the schools also which I understand are full to capacity in the area, meaning that there would be more cars on the surrounding roads to take children to other schools outside the area. This leads me to my main point that severely affects me already.
    I have to travel down the A322 to go to work at Heathrow and started leaving at 7.30 am. However after getting stuck for well over an hour to get onto the M3 on quite a few occasions I now have to leave the house before 7 to have any chance of getting to work at a reasonable time. The road gets completely blocked on a regular basis and this is without an influx of extra people adding to this chaos. It is a daily ordeal for everyone having to use this road for work or school runs and that is apart from the obvious safety element resulting from this.
    Therefore I strongly object to any planning applications to build large amounts of housing in this small village area as it is not built to cope with the burden on it’s resources and clearly shows no concern for it’s current inhabitants.

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