Land to the South of Kings Road (Outline Planning application for 84 dwellings submitted, 14/0532) – Appeal granted approval

26th January 2016: The WEAG AGM took place on Monday 25th January and it was agreed to send the letter here to ask SHBC to challenge the inspectors decision over the King’s Road development.

19th December 2015: The appeal decision by the planning inspectorate has been made and approval has been granted for 84 houses behind kings road. Details of the decision can be found here : Inspector’s decision on Kings Road appeal

Updated 20th Sept:

A summary of the appeal hearing can be found in our newsletter here

Update 7th Sept:

Many of you will already be aware that the William Lacey Appeal Hearing will take place at Surrey Heath Borough Council offices, in the Council Chambers, Knoll Road, Camberley, on Wed 16 September 2015.  This full day hearing will start at 10.00 hrs.  Parking is not available on site.

We encourage and hope you will be able to attend if at all possible.  If you can attend, please let us know by Thursday 10th September so that the Borough Council can make the necessary seating arrangements.  Please email your intention to attend to

Updated 12th June 2015: 188  Letters of objection   833 signed objections on petition

Due to non-determination by SHBC, on 29th April 2015, William Lacey appealed to the Secretary of State for his determination. Appeal reference: APP/D3640/W/15/3028247 – awaiting validation. (Government advises there is currently up to 10 weeks delay in validation of appeals)

Update 14th October 2014: As yet no date set for Planning Applications Committee. Additional document received – Ecological Surrey Wildlife Trust

Update 23rd September 2014

There is still no date set by SHBC for the hearing of this and the other two planning applications proposing to prematurely use the “reserve” land, as there is currently further information required and issues that need to be clarified or addressed first.  It is unlikely that this will be resolved in time for the October 22nd meeting, so November or possibly even December are currently suggested as being more likely.  Remember that until the date of the Committee meeting, residents can still lodge their comments on this application with SHBC, for consideration as part of the process.

Update 3rd September  2014: The date currently proposed for the Planning Committee meeting to decide this application is 22nd October 2014.

Update 19th August 2014: The West End Parish Council will review and discuss this application in a special Planning committee meeting at 7:30 this evening, at the Sports Pavilion, before making their decision to inform SHBC regarding this application.  Members of the public may make comments in a public comment period shortly after the start of the meeting, and may remain while the council deliberates and decides on their response.

Note that the official period for registering objections to SHBC is now until 22nd August (as per SHBC press announcement), but we are also assured that comments may still be submitted right up to the date of the SHBC Planning Committee meeting, which may be in September or October.

Update 16th July 2014: SHBC have released planning application reference 14/0532 for public comment.  See the documents here

Update 2nd July 2014: SHBC have advised that this application is currently classified as Invalid, as it is not complete.  Once all the required information is to hand, it will be validated and released for public comment.  WEAG will continue to monitor progress of this application and advise members as soon as there is any further news.


Previous information:

WEAG has been advised by a reliable source that Alliance Planning have submitted a planning application to Surrey Heath Borough Council on behalf of William Lacey Group.  The application is for erection of 84 residential dwellings, including 34 affordable homes, with associated access.

Surrey Heath Borough Council have confirmed that they have received this application, and that the details are currently being validated.  The application will be made available for public viewing as soon as that process is completed.  It was expected by the council that this would be within a week (from 10th June), unless there are any missing key documents.  Having checked back with the council on 17th June, this application is still undergoing checks and validation, and there is no indication as to when it will be publically released.

A link to the planning website and the applicable application number will be notified as soon as the information is available.



On 17th September 2013, Alliance Planning and William Lacey Group hosted a consultation event to inform the residents of West End, and seek feedback to assist them with developing their planning application for 98 dwellings on land to the south of Kings Road, West End.

The site is currently a green field measuring 3.517 hectares (8.693 acres), designated as Countryside Beyond the Green Belt.  The site slopes down to the river Bourne and the south east corner is classified as flood risk 2 and is therefore designated as a recreation area when dry and serves as a basin for collecting flood water in wet weather peaks.  The development also incorporates swales and filter strips to disperse the water,  permeable paving and rainwater harvesting, to deal with the anticipated flooding problems.

Some trees will need to be felled, but the scheme incorporates planting of some new trees, and much of the green hedge borders to the field will be retained to support the range of wildlife currently found there.

Of the 98 dwellings, 40 were identified as being “affordable” housing.  The plan and information boards showed 23 x 4 bedroom houses, 48 x 3 bedroom houses and 27 x 2 bedroom houses.  The advised density is 27.8 dph.

Including garages, the proposed parking allocation for the site was 204 spaces.

The single access point for traffic to the site was planned to be via Rose Meadow, a private cul de sac with access from Kings Road.  Using the TRICS database, traffic movement are calculated to be 43 movements in the morning peak hour and 45 in the evening, with a total of 400 additional traffic movements per day.

field beyond Rose Meadow (rear of Kings Road)

View of part of the field, from the end of Rose Meadow cul de sac. (click to enlarge)

Deer in back garden

Deer come from the field into the back gardens of some houses in Kings Road, others fence their gardens to keep them out.  Development in this field will destroy their habitat.