How you can help

1st August 2014 – Appeal for help with taking petitions against the current planning applications round for signatures, between now and 11th August.  (Note, signing the petition does not fully replace writing to the council with your personal objections, so everyone is encouraged to do both, please)

29th July 2014 – Public meeting held.  All attendees urged to submit their comments to SHBC planning dept. ASAP, and by 13th August 2014.

22nd July – Concerned residents are invited to pose for photographs for the news article being run this week by the Woking Advertiser at 7pm on 23rd July, at the gates to the Kings Road fields, Rose Meadow.

7th July – Appeals for help

The WEAG committee are currently appealing for the following help:

1.  Volunteers for conducting traffic surveys between 16th and 21st July 2014.

2.  Volunteers for leaflet drops in the village.

If you can help with either or both of these tasks, please e-mail us on: advising your availability, the task(s) you can help with, and any preferred geographical area within the village.

One thought on “How you can help

  1. Congrats. to all the WEAG Committee who energised such a response to the public meeting 29th July.
    Incredible number of people at meeting which meant a huge number, myself included, could not get inside to HEAR what was being discussed.
    CAN WEAG please give us a little more detail other than – respond with comments to authorities.

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