Land at Malthouse Farm, Benner Lane (15/0445) – Appeal Approved

Update 23rd August 2017:

Latest newsletter Iron age update 23Aug17

Update 29th July 2017:

Latest newsletter explaining the iron age here: Iron Age newsletter 29July17.

Photographs have been taken which can be seen below:

The Iron Age site on 28 July 2017. The topsoil has been removed ready for the detailed archaeological dig:


On the left is an area where topsoil has not yet been removed:


Replica roundhouses at Stonehenge, 7 July 2017:

West End, 500 BC?:


Update 9th July 2017:

Latest Newsletter with update on Martin Grant Homes is here

Update 25th April 2017:

Martin Grant Homes now developing the site, taking over from Southern Heritage

Update 2nd December 2016:

Unfortunately the Planning Inspectorate has approved the development. Details are in the latest newsletter here: weag-newsletter-2nd-dec-2016

Full report can be found here: Appeal report

Updated 24th September 2016:

The appeal took place on 20th September with members of WEAG present. A full report can found in the newsletter here

Updated 5th June 2016:

The Vail Williams report is an important review by an independent planning consultancy commissioned by Surrey Heath Borough Council. It deals with the fourth reason given by the Council for refusing permission to Southern Heritage Developments to build 95 dwellings on the three fields around Malthouse Farm: the density of the proposed housing is too high and urban for its location, and it harms the setting of the Grade II listed Malthouse Farm and granary. The application is therefore contrary to the National Planning Policy Framework and the Borough’s Core Strategy. The report is relevant to the forthcoming appeal Hearing on the application – date to be announced. Click here to download the report.

Updated 8th May 2016:

Members can send their representation to the appeal for this by quoting the appeal reference APP/D3640/W/15/3139682 and going online at or by emailing, or by post to Mr Ian Wallis, The Planning Inspectorate, Room 3/18, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol BS1 6PN (you need to send three copies).

Original objections made will be sent but any new information can be helpful.

More information in the latest newsletter: WEAG Newsletter 8th May 2016

Updated 25th April 2016:

Malthouse Farm development has now gone to appeal after being refused in 2015 by SHBC. Latest newslettter is here

Updated 16th October:

The Borough Council’s Planning Applications Committee (PAC) refused planning permission for 95 houses on the fields around Malthouse Farm, next to Holy Trinity School (ref. 15/0445), at its meeting on Tuesday. The Borough’s Case Officer, Duncan Carty, had recommended refusal on the grounds that the Borough’s housing targets could be met without using West End’s ‘reserve land’ which includes this site and on other policy matters that were not completed.  Further details available in the newsletter here

Updated 6th October:

Date confirmed for 13th October for the PAC. Further details in the newsletter here

Update 7th Sept:

It is planned though not confirmed, that this application will be considered by the Planning Applications Committee on 13th October.  Please put this date on your calendar/diary and we will advise once the date is confirmed.

Update 11/6/15: An application has gone in for 95 dwellings under reference 15/0445. Details here


Update 06/02/15: WEAG ran an exit poll after the Malthouse Farm consultation. 89% of residents who visited the exhibition opposed the development. Only 4% supported it. The full document is available here: Exit poll report Malthouse Farm

Update 30/1/15: Proposed plans now available at

Update 26/1/15: plans and documents on the proposed development should appear at on Thursday 29th January

Update 19/1/15: Date is confirmed for Tuesday 3rd February, 2.30pm to 7.30pm at the Sports Pavilion. Public consultation by Southern Heritage Developments Ltd.

Update 15/1/15:  A provisional date of Tuesday 3rd February at West End Sports Pavillion has been set for a public consultation into the 100 houses around Malthouse Farm. Further details coming soon.

An outline plan for 100 houses was drawn up in March 2014 by Ascot Design for the developer Southern Heritage Developments Ltd.      The plan shows an estate road curving through the two fields around Malthouse Farm House.      One entrance would be nearly opposite the mouth of Malthouse Lane, and another entrance would be near the school.     A number of mature oak trees lay on the route of this road, and it would appear that these are the trees which were felled in March 2014.     The trees were reported to have been diseased.    Several cul-de-sacs spring off from the central estate road, and the proposed houses on the site are numbered consecutively from 1 to 100.

It is not yet known by WEAG when or if any public consultation will be held regarding this proposed development.

(Note that this development land is the farmland and does not include the Grade II listed Farmhouse or granary and the land immediately around them, which is now registered with the Land Registry as having separate title from the surrounding farm land).

The attached photographs show haymaking in one of the fields in 2009 and some of the mature oak trees.  (click to expand)

Fairfield Lane haymaking Aug 2009 Guy Consterdine b Fairfield Lane haymaking Aug 2009 Guy Consterdine a

The below photographs show some of the felled mature oak trees.

Malthouse Farm_DSC0447 Felled oaks_Malthouse Farm_DSC0448

The below photographs show one of the herd of deer which roam freely in these and the other threatened fields.

Deer in Malthouse Farm fields 20June2014 a Deer in Malthouse Farm fields 20June2014 c