Land at Dyckmore, Streets Heath – 60 Bedroom Nursing Home ref: 14/0869 – GRANTED (subject to conditions)

Update 23rd July: This application has been GRANTED – subject to conditions. Details can be found here

Update 16/10: Full plans are available online here

A full planning application for Erection of a two storey detached building to comprise of a 60 bedroom nursing home (Use Class C2) following demolition of existing dwelling has been received by Surrey Heath Borough Council.

The application reference is 14/0869.

Note that the documents are not available online at the time of writing, but should follow shortly, so check back on the SHBC planning website over the next few days.

The closing date for comments is currently 22nd October 2014.

Update 14th October 2014:

planning application with SHBC and planning reference 14/0869. Details available here

15th July update:

The date of the public exhibition has been announced.  It is being held on Thursday 24 July 2014, at the Sports Pavilion, Benner Lane, West End, Surrey, GU24 9JP between 4.30pm and 7.30pm.  See the attached invitation.

Exhibition Invite

5th July 2014 update:

Forays have advised that they are organising a public consultation for sometime in July, regarding their proposal for a 60 bedroom luxury care home, which will employ around 65 staff, most of which they expect to be from the local area.  Date, time and venue for the consultation event is to be advised.

See attached letter sent to WEAG webmaster.

Ms Doney Letter 1 Jul 14

Please be assured that no meeting between WEAG committee members and the developer has currently been scheduled prior to the public consultation.


Previously known information

Trees have been felled, and the site has been proposed as potentially suitable for development as a residential care home.  See the attached letter from the new owners, Forays.

Forays Letter December 2013

As some time has elapsed since this letter was sent to neighbouring residents, we have checked with Forays, who have confirmed that they are still in discussions with a luxury care home provider, but are open to suggestions and discussions with local residents, although they are somewhat restricted in what they can build, due to the site’s proximity to the SPA.

The attached photographs show one aspect of the site before and after clearance.

Dyckmore before and after clearance

Residents are encouraged to put forward suggestions for possible development of the site, either using the comments section of this page, or by contacting WEAG by e-mail (