24 & 26 Benner Lane (15/0375) – GRANT

Update 25th Sept:

This application has been granted.

Update 7th Sept:

This planning application may come before the Planning Applications Committee on 13th October.  We will advise when the date is confirmed.

Updated 12th June 2015: 

Local Landowner’s Self Build Application for 3 houses in place of No. 24/the vehicle repair workshop/other buildings, all of which are to be demolished.  Site is mainly on Reserve Housing Land  3 support letters and 7 objection letter so far.  

Plans have been submitted to demolish the existing house and associated outbuildings and build 3 X 4 Bedroom houses.

Much of the site is on land classified as Countryside beyond the Green Belt – ‘reserve land’.  Any development here, however small, could open the floodgates for further development on ‘reserve land’ in West End.

‘Reserve Land’ in West End is not to be built on unless Surrey Heath fails to find suitable development land elsewhere by 2025.  This land should therefore not be developed at this stage.  Also, the 5-year housing supply document shows that there is currently at least 8.5 years of housing land supply in more suitable locations.

The entrance to this site is off a sharp bend on Benner Lane and not suitable for additional traffic entering or exiting.  This bend is often congested at school start and finish times.

The refuse trucks cannot access the current site at number 24, which is why there is a collection point for bins at the top.  This is presumed to be because the road is too narrow for large vehicles, which could include a Fire Engine.

All the neighbouring houses are bungalows so the proposed houses being two/three-storey would be out of scale in height and not appropriate.

There is then the question of privacy as these proposed houses overlook the back gardens of some other properties.  The proposed line of trees to address the question of privacy will block much morning light as the existing houses face east.